Kasabian: Shoot The Runner DVD Single – Paradise46

Single do álbum: Empire
Lançamento: 6 de novembro de 2009

A faixa ao vivo de Shoot The Runner foi gravada no 4 Music Presents, programa do Channel 4, em 2006. O video clipe e Pre-Animation foi dirigido por Alex & Martin e produzido por Grace Bodie.

1. Shoot The Runner (3.27)
2. Stay Away From The Brown Acid (Part 1) (3.24)
3. Shoot The Runner – Live at 4Music Present (3.40)
4. Video Shoot The Runner (3.21)
5. Pre-Animation Shoot The Runner (0.14)

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STR-Paradise46-01 STR-Paradise46-02 STR-Paradise46-03 STR-Paradise46-04

STR-Paradise46-05 STR-Paradise46-06 STR-Paradise46-07 STR-Paradise46-08

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STR-Paradise46-09 STR-Paradise46-10

[Vídeo] Shoot The Runner – 4 Music Presents

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